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Jaguar and Company Clothier also known as "Jag & Co.," Designed by music industry veteran, E. Jaguar Beckford (Jag), an Executive Producer and Juris Doctorate of Law in Entertainment, the Jaguar & Company Clothier Collection draws its inspiration from her taste for the elitist lifestyle, always stylish and fashionably comfortable.

Established, February, 2013, the line both masculine and feminine identified, boasts a collection that combines the artistic beauty of vibrant patterns with luxurious fabrics such as cotton voile, silk, and wool, to produce a dual style of vintage chic meets contemporary. 

What makes Jag & Co special is, it offers pieces for men, women, the fashion forward and the fashion novice.  Jag shares her innovative designs with you in mind. 

What makes it even more interesting is their passion for "green."  She designs, cuts, re-designs, using and re-using metal parts, buttons, zippers, cutting pieces, constructing and re-constructing into new "green forward" products. This concept of recycling is part of their "Corporate Social Responsibility" in which everyone team member and strategic partner is committed to.

What I love most about being a designer and stylist is working with a plethora of body types.  I love to meet someone and totally transform them.  When I'm styling there are no mirrors in the room.  I tell the model that this is all about trust.  This is about what I see as my vision for this look, for this day, for this event. Then, what I love the most is the look on their face when they get to strut in front of a mirror and then onto the landscaped runway.  It's magical. 

Consult with us for your wedding, or special event, you'll be convinced that we have your best interest in hand.